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allergy & hay fever defense tea


allergy & hay fever defense tea

allergy & hay fever defense tea


Soothe & revive with this refreshing, delightfully minty blend that is non-drowsy. Expertly blended with green tea, peppermint, nettle, tulsi (holy basil), rooibos and eucalyptus. Drink 2-3 cups daily. The optimal selection of ingredients in this tea is associated with helping alleviate symptoms, assist breathing and sinus health, while providing soothing, anti-inflammatory effects and supporting your body in reducing overall allergic response. Studies indicate regular consumption of these ingredients assists on a longer term basis, so drinking this tea year-round, or before seasonal allergies arise may be beneficial. For year-round environmental allergies such as dust and pets, it may be helpful to drink this tea year-round. Tastes delicious hot or iced - enjoy it either way. As it is mostly comprised of caffeine-free herbs and green tea (which is extremely low in caffeine), it is not dehydrating and can be enjoyed as a substitute for water to maintain hydration.

For best results use in conjunction with:

ALLERGY + HAY FEVER DEFENSE DIFFUSER BLEND which helps purify the air, combat airborne allergens, assist the respiratory system and support sinus health. Add a few drops of the diffuser blend to a room or car diffuser. Use at work, home and when driving to assist you. Diffuse in areas where you are, as well as where pets, dust or other allergens are a problem for you.

ALLERGY + HAY FEVER DEFENSE ROLL-ON BLEND which helps purify the air and combat airborne allergens. Roll onto temples and under sinus passages for relief. Carry with you when traveling, at work or for support as needed.

Allergies can be a hidden factor that negatively impacts the quality of your sleep. If you’re also waking up feeling tired and lethargic, be sure to check out our sleep remedies including SWEET DREAMS DIFFUSER BLEND & ROLL-ON, as well as LULLABY TEA. Poor sleep can further compromise immune response and worsen symptoms, so it’s especially important to ensure you get adequate rest. Dairy & gluten may worsen allergies and sinus issues, so you may want to eliminate them from your diet, even if it’s just over spring until your body adjusts to the season.

SILK ROAD teas are made with premium quality, fresh, organic botanicals. Exceptional freshness, combined with organic growing practices, results in higher antioxidant levels & superior flavour. What’s just as important as the premium quality ingredients we select for our teas, are the ingredients we never use – no artificial flavours or colours – just pure, healthy, deliciousness in every sip!
Fresh, Organic Tea = More Antioxidants. No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners, Dairy or Soy. Gluten-Free