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bathsalts, westcoast wilderness
bathsalts, westcoast wildernessbathsalts, westcoast wilderness


bathsalts, westcoast wilderness

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Westcoast Wilderness Bathsalts


Inhale the rejuvenating scent of the Canada’s vast evergreen forests in this glorious bath that uplifts the spirit. Emerge renewed & revitalized.

Spending time in the forest is linked to valuable health benefits according to recent studies.
It has been shown to:
-boost the immune system
-help with emotional control & managing moods, creating a more positive outlook
-reduce anxiety
-improve mental focus
-reduce stress & improve coping mechanisms. Stress has many negative effects on our overall health which can range from anxiety, mental & physical fatigue to many diseases as well as aging. Improving your ability to manage stress improves your overall health & well being.

The secret to these benefits is primarily the result of certain extracts released into the air by trees, which you inhale when spending time the forest.

You’ll find these precious tree extracts in our WESTCOAST WILDERNESS BATHSALTS a magical blend of fir, pine, juniper & cedar combined with the added stress relieving benefits of lavender & clary sage. These ingredients also have topical benefits - bathing in them stimulates the circulation, tones muscles, softens the skin, dissolves physical tension & has a natural analgesic effect, soothing away aches, pains & muscle & joint pain or stiffness.

Take advantage of these bathsalts anytime you need some forest therapy!

Each 250 g package contains aproximately 10 baths & 20 footbaths.

how to use
for a bath: Fill the tub with comfortably hot water. Add 2 tbsp to a bath. To ensure maximum benefits, add the bathsalts to the tub immediately before entering & not while the tub is filling with water. Soak 20 min daily or 3x a week for best results.
for a footbath: A footbath is a powerful method for positively affecting the entire body & can be accomplished with a simple plastic tub (if you don’t have a specialized footbath). As well, if you don’t have a bathtub at home, a footbath is a great alternative. Even if you do have a bathtub, a footbath is easy to do while reading or watching tv. Add 1 tbsp to the footbath. To ensure maximum benefits, add the bathsalts to the footbath immediately before entering & not while it is filling with water. Soak 20 min daily or 3x a week for best results.

sea & mineral salts, abies balsam (fir), pinus sylvestris (pine), juniperus communis (juniper), cedrus atlantica (cedar wood), lavandula officinalis (lavender), salvia sclarea (clary sage)

product care
This FRESH, HANDCRAFTED all-natural and preservative-free product is made with ORGANIC, plant-based ingredients and should be used within 6 months of purchase for best results. Store away from sunlight and heat to protect it (since it’s free of all the chemicals and artificial ingredients that normally would be used to extend shelf-life).

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