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fortify tea soup broth 130g


fortify tea soup broth 130g

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Tea Soup Broth | bouillon de soupe du thé

fortify, renew, purify

Instantly makes a delicious, nutrient dense broth that can be used for soup, congee or stews. This versatile broth can also be used to cook all your favourite grain dishes - it will add flavour and nutrients to rice, millet, quinoa or any other grains.

Each packet makes aproximately 65 servings of soup.

- Sip the broth on its own as a fortifying tonic.
- Use Fortify as a broth for any of your favourite soups.

-Make one of our Tea Soup Recipes (find them on our blog)

- Add veggies, legumes & your other favourite soup ingredients to the broth and heat until the veggies are cooked.

Simply bring water to a boil & use 1 tsp. Fortify Tea Soup broth for every cup of broth or soup that you’d like to make. Steep for 10 min., then strain.

Throughout Asia since ancient times, tea & medicinal herbs have been used to make healing soups. Recipes & ingredients change depending on what are considered the primary needs of the season. Winter is considered a time of year that depletes the body’s vitality in a variety of ways. Cold weather & cold/flu season are considered taxing. As well, foods consumed at this time of year tend to be richer & harder on the digestion.

Fortify has a rich, aromatic, satisfying taste with a warming, fortifying effect. A blend of tea, herbs and spices prized for their digestive, antioxidant & nutrient rich benefits.

Vegan. No dairy, dyes or sweeteners. Free of additivies, artificial flavourings & preservatives.

Shake with packet sealed before each use to ensure ingredients are well mixed, as some settling will occur.

ingredients: holy basil, ginseng, coriander, cinnamon, rosemary, roasted rice, nutmeg, allspice, marjoram, nettle, oregano, green tea, seaweed, cayenne
Fresh, Organic Tea = More Antioxidants. No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners, Dairy or Soy. Gluten-Free