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gemstone water wand
gemstone water wandgemstone water wandgemstone water wand


gemstone water wand

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- improves the taste of water - transforms tap water so it tastes like premium bottled water

- makes water more alkaline

- naturally purifies

- re-usable wand is eco-friendly

Based on the fascinating research of a Japanese scientist who discovered that the molecular structure of tap water was dramatically different from pure spring water, but that certain gemstones could restore its natural potency and molecular structure. Intriguingly, before the science came along, some ancient civilisations used to do this - the Romans placed gemstones in water and wine to improve taste. It also has an anti-bacterial and purifying action.

Their amazing effect, cost effectiveness and and eco-friendliness have made GEMSTONE WATER WANDS very popular in Europe. Not only do they transform tap water so it tastes like premium bottled water, but they are re-usable and eco-friendly, unlike bottled water which often comes in plastic that can release additional chemicals. European sommeliers also use the wands to improve the taste of wine.

Immerse the GEMSTONE WATER WAND in a pitcher of water for 7 minutes to restore tap water to the same crystalline structure as the freshest, purest, most pristine water found in nature.

Hand wash only. Please note that GEMSTONE WATER WANDS are a final sale & cannot be returned or exchanged. Take good care of your wand and it will last for many years- compare that to the cost of bottled water in money and the environment.

Made in Germany to the highest standard, utilising fine quality crystal and conflict-free gemstones.

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