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lamp touch sensor silver forest


lamp touch sensor silver forest

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lamp touch sensor silver forest

Beautiful silver forest pattern aromatherapy lamp scents the air while creating an elegant & enchanting effect.

Place a few drops of any of our aromatherapy diffuser blends in the glass dish located at the top. Replenish scent daily.

The lamp has 3 different brightness levels. Tap the aluminum part of the base to turn on and adjust the lighting level. Use Sweet Dreams Diffuser Blend before bed to aid sleep. Uplift the mood at home or office with Happy Diffuser Blend. Use Cold & Flu Ninja Diffuser Blend to ward off colds & flu. For countering allergies & to breathe better, use our Allergy & Hay Fever Defense Diffuser Blend.

Warning & Safety information
• Indoor use only.
• Do not leave unattended.
• Turn off power if you are not planning on using it for a long time; it may get very hot.
• Do not keep power on for more than 6 hours continuously.
• Not suitable for young children.
• This item is not a toy.
• Do not use with higher wattage bulbs.

Product Information:
• Power Input: 110V
• Bulb: T8 BI-PIN 35W

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