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pre-cleanse & make-up remover, nectar


pre-cleanse & make-up remover, nectar

Step 1 Gentle and nourishing yet powerful formula removes make-up, sunscreen, pollutants and oil based dirt. For all skin types.

skincare benefits
- lifts pore-clogging dirt, oil, impurities and waterproof products (including make-up and sunscreen) without stripping the skin
- potent antioxidants prevent aging, improve skin’s tone and texture, and counteract sun damage
- provides soothing nourishment, hydration and skin-softening effects
- balances the skin’s oil production so it’s beneficial for all skin types - including sensitive, oily or dry skin
- regular use prevents breakouts and congested skin
- soothes irritated skin
- regular use restores natural radiance to dull complexions
- strengthens eyelashes while lifting eye make-up and mascara

mindfulness benefits
- uplifting effect on the mind is designed to release stress and tension

how to use
Designed to work in combination with Step 2 - WATERFALL FACE WASH as a two step process to provide deep and thorough yet ultra-gentle cleansing.

Lightly massage a dime-sized amount over face and neck using fingertips, and enjoy breathing in the refreshing, natural, plant-derived aroma. Immediately follow with Step 2 WATERFALL FACE WASH. The remainder of NECTAR along with the dirt it has lifted will be removed when you apply WATERFALL FACE WASH.

For heavy face make-up or sunscreen removal, use additional NECTAR to release trapped dirt, then lightly remove the first layer of make-up and NECTAR with a water dampened cotton pad. Don’t completely try remove this product and make-up with the cotton dampened pad, but when your skin has an added layer of make-up or sunscreen on, using a water dampened cotton pad at first will facilitate cleaning.

For eye-make up, first add NECTAR to water dampened cotton then use the cotton pad over eye area. Follow with Step 2 FACE WASH.

vitis vinifera (grapeseed), olea europaea (olive) and simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oils, lavandula officinalis (lavender), citrus limonum (lemon), citrus bigaradia (petitgrain)

product care
This FRESH, HANDCRAFTED all-natural and preservative-free product is made with ORGANIC, plant-based ingredients and should be used within 6 months of purchase. Store away from sunlight and heat to protect it (since it’s free of all the chemicals and artificial ingredients that normally would be used to extend shelf-life).

SILK ROAD SKINCARE is hand-crafted using premium quality, fresh, organic botanicals created to deliver high-performance results. Our products are designed with a powerful dual effect - to create radiant skin while also having a positive effect on the mind that is an antidote to the stresses of modern life. Inner calm is an important factor in creating outer beauty and once you use our products you’ll discover how delightful it is to wash way the stress of the day while taking care of your skin.

What’s just as important as the premium quality ingredients we select are the ingredients we never use – no harsh ingredients, artificial fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals or chemical preservatives. SLS free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, cruelty-free. No parabens, sulfates, phthalates.
Fresh, Organic Tea = More Antioxidants. No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners, Dairy or Soy. Gluten-Free