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pu-erh tea


pu-erh tea


flavour profile: a mature, earthy cup of tea with depth & a mild pungency

ingredients: authentic Chinese pu-erh semi-green tea

This item is available for a limited time only, while quantities last! There has been and continues to be a shortage of good quality Pu-erh.

Authentic Pu-erh is made through a unique controlled fermentation and aging process, which takes several years. Normally, drinking fresh tea is best, because it has higher antioxidant levels. However, the specialized traditional technique Pu-erh undergoes is associated with many digestive and health benefits, and results in a rich, earthy, flavour.

Unfortunately, due to sudden popularity in China a few years ago, low quality counterfeit Pu-erh flooded the tea market. When Pu-erh is made properly, using ancient techniques, it is linked to many healthful properties. However, counterfeit Pu-erh is made improperly and may contain harmful microbes and also lacks the healthful properties of authentic Pu-erh.

True Pu-erh undergoes several years of controlled aging after fermentation, so we have to be patient during the aging process, and wait until good quality Pu-erh is available again.

We are delighted to have a small quantity of excellent quality authentic Pu-erh in stock, but supplies are very limited! After this supply runs out, it may be another year or longer before we have more in stock.

Once this supply runs out, we are hopeful that we will have more Pu-erh in about a year or so, but we do anticipate that Pu-erh will continue to experience shortages. There is a lot of counterfeit tea out there, and there is increased demand for Pu-erh overall, so it is an unfortunate situation that won’t be resolved soon. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy the very delicious batch of limited tea that is now available for purchase!

Our love of fine tea, craftsmanship and passion are reflected in every expertly blended cup of tea.

Loose teas are sold in refillable tins to preserve freshness and nutrients. Exposure to light, heat and air causes flavour loss as well as the nutrient value of tea to decline, so be sure to store your teas in the tins they came in. Bring the tin back into our shops for refills and enjoy a discount. Please note that we sell our loose teas by volume, not weight. For information about tea tin sizes, visit our TEA SIZING CHART.

Teabags are sold in re-sealable zip top satchels. Always reseal tightly after opening.
Fresh, Organic Tea = More Antioxidants. No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners, Dairy or Soy. Gluten-Free