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teapot cast iron honeycomb silver/lavender


teapot cast iron honeycomb silver/lavender

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The honeycomb pattern symbolises harmony & happiness.

Authentic, beautiful cast iron teapot made in Morioka Japan with great skill and craftsmanship, using an over hundred year old tradition. Makes a wonderful special occasion wedding, birthday or graduation gift as well as a beautiful addition to your home or office.

The manufacture process for each teapot entails up to 68 painstaking steps, still performed by hand, and overseen by a craftsman who after 30-40 years of excellence and demonstrated skill can earn the title of “master”.

In addition to the beautiful and unique patterns that add beauty to your home or office decor, the advantages of a well-made, authentic cast iron teapot are:

- your tea stays hot for longer (because it retains heat longer than a regular teapot)

- built-in fine mesh stainless steel tea strainer makes brewing loose tea very convenient

- if care instructions are properly followed, this teapot can be enjoyed for very many years. See below for how to care for this exquisite item.

- the interior is glazed with a special porcelain enamel ensuring the iron part of the teapot does not react with the tea leaves, and allows the tea’s full flavour to be experienced. While a cast iron kettle is suitable for boiling water, it is not suitable for making tea as the iron would react with the tea and negatively impact the tea’s taste. Without the porcelain enamel glaze, this teapot would not be suitable for brewing tea. In Japan, cast iron kettles which are larger than the teapots, and not glazed with porcelain enamel are used for the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but these are different from the teapots, which is what this item is. Do not use this teapot as a kettle, which is not a purpose it was manufactured for.

Beware of counterfeit cast iron teapots which are not made using the same high quality standards and may not be food safe. Things to look out for? The finishes and designs of our authentic teapots are extremely well and beautifully made, the interior porcelain glaze has a bright shine and depth to it, the exterior colour finishes are expertly and evenly applied, and the teapot itself has an elegance and refinement in the finish that counterfeits can’t usually quite match when you examine the finer details. Also, if the price seems “too good to be true” then it is likely to be a counterfeit as this teaware is made using very high quality materials and is labour intensive to produce, so it is unlikely to be offered at highly discounted prices.

care instructions:

Your authentic teapot can have a very long life, provided these steps are carefully followed.
Before using your teapot for the first time:

- thoroughly rinse teapot with boiling water

- while pot is still warm, dry inside and out with a clean, dry cloth

- leave teapot to sit (lid off) for a while afterwards so the inside is well aired

When using your cast iron teapot:

- this teapot is designed for use as a teapot only - never as a kettle.
- never heat on a stove, over an open flame, or leave on a heated surface. It will cause the porcelain enamel to be destroyed and compromise the teapot’s structural integrity.

- do not use in microwave
- hand wash only using hot water and a gentle, soft, non-abrasive cloth. Never use a scrubber, abrasive cloth or device that could scratch the glaze. Do not place in dishwasher or use any dishwashing detergent to clean teapot – use clean, hot water ONLY to wash

- do not leave tea or water in the teapot for longer than an hour or so. Always dry thoroughly after each use. Otherwise it may cause rust, or cause the porcelain enamel interior glaze to break down.

- after each use thoroughly rinse with hot water to remove any leftover liquid tea residue (which can cause the interior enamel lining to break down over time)

- after each use, always wipe exterior with a dry cloth while pot is still warm

- avoid contact with salt or oil

- never suddenly cool teapot when it is still warm
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