Turn Over a New Leaf Wellness Guide

Turn Over a New Leaf Wellness Guide

Improving how you look & feel is easier than you think.

A few small but powerful new habits can have a big impact. These simple, effective, all-natural tips can be as easy & enjoyable as taking a bath & drinking a cup of tea once you know what remedies to use for optimal results.

Cheers to your newfound vitality!

Daniela Cubelic | Tea Master + Founder, SILK ROAD

SLIMMING It sounds too good to be true, but studies indicate MULBERRY TEA reduces carb & sugar absorption & helps manage blood sugar levels, which aids weight loss & is important for good health & overall energy levels. Sip 1-2 cups with sweets or carb rich meals. A hot bath after a meal can lower blood sugar more rapidly than exercise, says recent research. Stress, rich meals & sweets can also lead to aches, stiff muscles, fatigue & weight gain. Counteract them with our alkaline, mineral rich DETOX BATHSALTS. Add 2 tbsp to a bath. Soak 20 min daily or 3x a week for best results. If you don’t have a tub, a footbath works wonders & it’s easy to do while reading or watching tv.

REDUCE FOOD CRAVINGS by managing stress better & getting more sleep. Discover tasty low-cal treats as a substitute for sweets. Make a latte with CHOCOLATE PANDA TEA (chocolate, mint & vanilla) using almond milk. Rich in minerals that help with stress management, it tastes delicious without sugar, but satisfies your sweet tooth. Visit for recipes.

DETOX Feeling blah, lethargic, unfocused or anxious? It’s a sign your body may need a boost. Stress, irregular meals & sleeping habits, pollution & food additives can challenge your vitality. After a stressful period or after holiday indulgences, push the reset button & support your body’s elimination efforts with DETOX TEA. Sip 2-3 cups daily for a week, or use it to create a healing soup broth. Visit for recipes.

FOREST THERAPY Spending time in the forest is linked to powerful health benefits including stress reduction, immune & mood boosting, because of extracts released into the air by trees. Find these in our TONIC BATH & BODY OIL & WESTCOAST WILDERNESS DIFFUSER BLEND. Use TONIC daily as a moisturiser instead of lotion. Inhale the forest scent of WESTCOAST WILDERNESS in your home, office or car with a diffuser. Fresh air & exercise are linked to a happier outlook. Get outdoors daily – a short walk around the block on your lunch or after dinner is beneficial.

MOOD BALANCING Gray skies & rainy days are associated with low energy & low moods, which can lead to sugar cravings & increased caffeine intake, but these “quick fixes” create a vicious cycle of poor quality sleep, more food & caffeine cravings, weight gain, low energy, increasingly poor stress management & worsening moods (including severe PMS* for women). Bergamot, lemon balm & green tea combat stress & are uplifting. HAPPY TEA, HAPPY ROLL-ON & DIFFUSER BLEND contain these ingredients & can do wonders. HAPPY has a refreshing, citrus scent. Get a dose of happiness on the drive to work by adding it to a car diffuser. Also use in a room diffuser at work & home (also calms kids). Keep HAPPY ROLL-ON in your pocket to apply throughout the day & whenever experiencing food cravings. Drink 2-4 cups HAPPY TEA especially in mid to late afternoon. *For PMS, apply BLISS BATH & BODY OIL (with rose, neroli, geranium & clary sage, which are natural hormone balancers) as your moisturizer instead of lotion. Bathe in BLISS BATHSALTS weekly.

SLEEP Adequate sleep is vital but studies indicate you likely don’t get enough. Sleep boosts brain power & the immune system, helps moods, counteracts stress, reduces food cravings, improves the complexion & assists weight management. Sip LULLABY TEA 1hr before bed & apply SWEET DREAMS SLEEP REMEDY ROLL-ON to temples for restful sleep. Apply NIGHT MAGIC SERUM – it’s a double duty overnight skin repair moisturizer that aids sleep. Scent the bedroom with SWEET DREAMS DIFFUSER BLEND to maintain deeper sleep. A warm bath 1-2 hours before bed with HEAVEN BATHSALTS will release physical tension which can get in the way of a good night’s sleep.

SKINCARE REPAIR Have dry, dehydrated skin? Plump it up & reduce lines by doing a deep oil treatment with JADE SERUM + NOURISHING DEW – apply a thick coat of both after washing face. Leave on 20 min while relaxing or watching tv. Winter weather, dry indoor heat, sugary & salty treats, alcohol, stress & lack of sleep can lead to breakouts, skin irritations & dry, lackluster skin. Shed these woes with a 10 min MIRACLE MASK treatment – a mineral rich sea clay with a miraculous effect (instructions at Healthy skin starts within. Drink 3-4 cups BeauTEAful TEA daily for a week for hydration, nutrients, probiotics & anti-inflammatory compounds. For dry skin on the body use BLISS or HEAVEN BATH & BODY OILS instead of lotion. Apply to wet skin to seal moisture in.

DIGESTION Heavy meals can cause upset tummies, sluggish digestion & poor sleep. Soothe tummy woes with CHOCOLATE PANDA or ANGELWATER TEA. For digestive boosters, DETOX TEA & BeauTEAful Tea are beneficial. Avoid chamomile after meals – it can slow digestion.

COLDS & FLU Green tea, ginger & lemon are natural cold & flu fighters – find them in our WINTER WARRIOR TEA. Drink 2-4 cups daily to ward off illness, help reduce symptoms & aid faster recovery. For coughs, add honey (a natural cough suppressant). To reduce transmission of germs in the household, car & office, use COLD & FLU NINJA DIFFUSER BLEND (a potent blend of anti-viral essential oils).  Keep the COLD & FLU NINJA ROLL-ON handy too. Sleep is an immune booster, so make sure you’re getting enough. Check out the SLEEP section for our sleeping tips.

ALLERGIES + SINUS HEALTH Allergies can leave you feeling foggy & lethargic. They can be a hidden factor behind poor mental focus, low sleep quality & headaches. Scientists are still figuring out the causes behind allergies, but there’s new research on natural remedies that prevent & reduce allergy symptoms. Find these ingredients in our ALLERGY & HAY FEVER DEFENSE TEA. Purify the air, combat airborne allergens (including dust, pollen & pet) & improve sinus health with ALLERGY & HAY FEVER DEFENCE ROLL-ON & DIFFUSER BLEND. Diffuse at home, work & in the car.

HANGOVER REMEDY Replenishment with an anti-inflammatory, minerals & electrolytes helps you feel better rapidly. QUENCH TEA is formulated as a healthy sports drink for when you’re active. Since it’s rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, electrolytes, anti-oxidants & minerals, it’s a speedy way to recover from hangovers. Sip 2-4 cups, hot or iced, & apply ROLL-ON HEADACHE & HANGOVER to temples.

ARTHRITIS, SORE JOINTS & COLD WEATHER ACHES & PAINS Sip anti-inflammatory teas rich in alkaline minerals– QUENCH, DETOX & BeauTEAful. Soak in a bath with HEAVEN or TONIC BATHSALTS to release stiffness, improve mobility & soothe aches. Apply HEAVEN or TONIC BATH & BODY OIL directly to affected areas.

Healthy habits include avoiding foods & beverages with hidden additives, preservatives & dyes.  Look carefully at ingredient labels! SILK ROAD TEAS are expertly blended to optimize tea’s healthful properties & we use fresh, organic ingredients because it results in MORE ANTIOXIDANTS. What’s just as important as the premium quality ingredients we select, are the ingredients we never use – no artificial flavours, colours or hidden sweeteners.  We’re also gluten-free, dairy-free & soy-free.

Suffering from all of the above? Start with the remedy for the problem that’s bothering you the most. After 3 days of drinking the tea & using the product that is most suited to your situation, switch to the next item on your list. Visit for more remedies, recipes & to shop online.


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