Create Tea Flavoured Gin by adding 6 tbsp. dry Spicy Mandarin tea leaves to 2 cups Gin. Wait 20 minutes &

by Tea Master Daniela Cubelic Create a fabulous festive drink by mixing tea with egg nog. Enjoy it with brunch, as

A TASTE OF SPICY MANDARIN HEAVEN Spicy Mandarin Pots de Creme are one of our holiday favourites - a heavenly custard

Tea of Winter Snuggles! Introducing SNOW APPLE SPICE TEA - a cosy seasonal blend of immune-boosting black tea, cinnamon and

Create a tasty fall drink that uplifts the spirits and wards off winter chills.  Combine equal parts brewed HERBAL CHAI

Make your own spicy, soda pop with SILK ROAD CHAI or HERBAL CHAI tea for a low-calorie, refreshing drink that

Create a refreshing Tea Mojito with Tea Infused Rum, fresh mint, sparkling water, fresh limes & sugar. SUBLIME infused rum Add 6 tbsp. dry SUBLIME tea