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      Diffuser Blends & Roll Ons

      Diffuser Blends are designed for use in ultra-sonic, car & room diffusers as well as steam rooms & saunas. Our diffuser blends are highly concentrated blends of pure natural essential oils sourced from real plants - that’s it! This is rarer than you may realize… similar products sold elsewhere often contain alcohols, preservatives, hidden additives, synthetic essential oils (non naturally derived are not prohibited from being labelled as essential oils, & it implies they are natural) & fragrance (this is also synthetic).

      - Use in the office or study areas for mental focus & vitality &/or to combat airborne microbes or allergens.

      - Use in adult & kid’s bedrooms to create a soothing atmosphere for sleep.

      - Use in bathrooms to keep them fresh-smelling without chemicals, & to also combat airborne microbes if the bathroom is a shared space.

      - Use in front entrances & in closets to keep them smelling fresh, clean & welcoming. Use in the car to de-stress or combat allergens or microbes.

      - Use in fitness rooms to counteract odours & optimize your workouts.

      Roll-ons are designed for effortless topical application & are conveniently sized to take with you wherever you go. Simply roll the product directly onto your wrists, forehead, temples & sternum. Apply Roll-on to palms. Cup hands towards your face & breathe in deeply. They are a great way to harness the power of aromatherapy to soothe stress, aid mental focus & assist sleep. 

      - Keep in pocket, purse or bag for instant relief of what ails you while on the go. 

      - Take it with you when you travel to help aid mood on airplanes or to help improve sleep in unfamiliar surroundings. 

      - Beautiful natural scents - wear as a natural perfume to enjoy wellness benefits throughout the day.