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express chai teabag
express chai teabagexpress chai teabagexpress chai teabagexpress chai teabag


express chai teabag


flavour profile: specially blended for rapid brewing & the ultimate chai taste

ingredients: rich black tea & aromatic spices of ginger root, cinnamon bark, cardamom, anise seed, clove, allspice

Our Tea Master has created Express Chai to give you authentic chai taste, but with a shorter brewing time. We love traditionally brewed chai tea, but it can take added steeping time to bring out the full flavour of the black tea and spices against the creamy milk. Express Chai steeps more quickly than traditional chai tea, enabling you to make a delicious cup of your favourite drink faster!

As always, we start with high quality loose black tea and spices, but the ingredients are specially cut and cured, which allows them to release flavour more quickly. You may notice that there are some smaller tea leaves and pieces in this tea than is usual for Silk Road Teas, and it's in order to assist with rapid infusion.

To make a chai tea latte, pour 1/2 cup of boiling water over one teabag. While the tea is steeping, steam milk (or non-dairy alternative). Once the milk is steamed, pour it over the hot tea for instant happiness. Optional: add sweetener to taste. For authentic chai, use palm sugar to sweeten. Find it in Chinatown or ethnic food stores.

Be sure to check out our other chai teas because... who can resist? For a spicy, zingy drink, our Herbal Chai is beyond compare. For a deluxe, traditional chai, reach for Silk Road Chai.
Teabags are packaged in a beautiful rice paper zip-top satchel. Each individual teabag brews a generous 2 cup serving of tea, so this package contains 24 cups.

Our love of fine tea, craftsmanship and passion are reflected in every expertly blended cup of tea.

Loose teas are sold in refillable tins to preserve freshness and nutrients. Exposure to light, heat and air causes flavour loss as well as the nutrient value of tea to decline, so be sure to store your teas in the tins they came in.  Bring the tin back into our shops for refills and enjoy a discount.  Please note that we sell our loose teas by volume, not weight.  For information about tea tin sizes, visit our TEA SIZING CHART.

Teabags are sold in re-sealable zip top satchels. Always reseal tightly after opening.
Fresh, Organic Tea = More Antioxidants. No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners, Dairy or Soy. Gluten-Free