Holiday Remedies from the Tea Master

During the holiday season, it’s easy to overindulge, get run down and not look or feel your best.  These are my tried and true remedies to cure what ails you, from seasonal weight gain to colds, flu, hangovers, skin catastrophes, upset tummies and stress management too.  Put the kettle on and be amazed at how quickly you can look and feel better when you sip the tea that’s right for you.

Happy Holidays!  Cheers, Daniela | Tea Master + Owner, SILK ROAD

weight gain + upset tummies

After too much feasting, carbs or sugary treats, sip a cup or two of Mulberry Tea.  Block calories before they hit you!  Mulberry Tea actually reduces carbohydrate and sugar absorption.  It sounds too good to be true, but recent studies confirm the powerful effects of this traditional Asian remedy. I can vouch for it personally.  Whenever I eat a big dinner, or overdo it with irresistible desserts, I make a pot of this yummy herbal tea and it helps prevent my waistline from expanding. On the contrary, when I don’t drink it after over-indulging, I notice my clothes getting more snug.  Mulberry Tea has a mild flavour that is similar to green tea, and since it’s caffeine-free, I can enjoy it after dinner without it affecting my sleep.

Heavy meals can upset your tummy and lead to sluggish digestion and poor sleep as well.  For an upset tummy, Chocolate Panda Tea has a mint chocolate flavour, so it tastes decadent, but it also contains rooibos which (along with the mint), is very soothing.  Angelwater Tea is also very good for kids and adults. For sluggish digestion, sip Mountain Rain, Waterfall or Herbal Chai Tea. Avoid chamomile after meals – it can slow digestion. Drink BeauTEAful or Happy Tea daily – they contain natural probiotics which lead to a healthier digestion.

breakouts + dull, dry skin

Combine sugary and salty treats, alcohol consumption, stress, not getting enough sleep and winter weather together and more often than not, it leads to breakouts, skin irritations or dry, lackluster looking skin.  My secret weapon is a quick and easy 10 min treatment with our Miracle Spring Mask – it’s a mineral rich sea clay that has a truly miraculous effect which soothes breakouts, irritation and nourishes the skin, while providing a deep clean.  It has fixed many a “Skincare SOS” situation for me!

To reduce pores and vanquish a skincare breakout: spot treat problem areas with a few drops of Purifying Nectar Blemish Serum first (a targeted blemish treatment) then apply a thin layer of Miracle Spring Mask over top of it. Wash off with cool water after 8 min. Redness and pore size are minimized, and your skin looks and feels better.  Do this once a week to prevent breakouts and re-balance your complexion.  For dry, lackluster or wind-chapped skin: simply adjust how you use the Miracle Spring Mask and turn it into a deep moisturizing treatment.  Begin by applying a thick layer of our regenerating Nourishing Dew moisturizer.  Cover it with a thick layer of Miracle Spring Mask.  Don’t let the mask dry while it’s on.  Mist it continually with Paradise Toner to keep it moist.  Rinse off with cool water after 10 min. Spritz face with a final mist of Paradise Toner, and then smooth a few drops of Nourishing Dew over top of that.  Soft, dewy, radiant skin suddenly emerges.  Once a week is ideal for this treatment to stimulate skin’s renewal and prevent aging.

Tea is also always a big help as it can help your complexion from the inside out.  Our BeauTEAful Tea  is specially formulated to re-hydrate, detox and counter inflammation.  BeauTEAful Tea is also great for stress management so feel free to  drink 3 to 4 cups daily.  It contains the hydration benefits of water, but with added vitamins and nutrients.  I sip it constantly when I’m travelling – especially in airplanes which are so dehydrating.  BeauTEAful Tea is now available in convenient teabags, so it’s easy to travel with.

Even after the many times I’ve relied on these tricks, I’m still always amazed at how much better my skin looks and feels afterwards.

colds & flu

Getting run down over the holiday season is par for the course. Not only are we exposed to more germs, but by not eating well, and not getting enough sleep, our systems get overloaded. Green tea, ginger and lemon are natural cold and flu fighters – not only have they been associated with boosting immune response and preventing sickness, but they may also help reduce symptoms and aid more rapid recovery. All of these ingredients are in our Winter Warrior Tea.  The name says it all!  If I’m overdoing it or have come down with a cold or flu, I drink 2 to 4 cups daily.  If you’ve got a cough, add some honey, which acts as a natural cough suppressant.  To reduce the transmission of colds and flu in the household or office, bust out the Cold & Flu Ninja.  Made with a potent blend of naturally anti-viral essential oils, it helps the whole household breathe easier.  I keep the Cold & Flu Ninj Roll-on in my purse and use the Cold & Flu Ninja Dffuser Blend in the car, at my house, and at the shop to keep staff healthy.  It has a clean, refreshing aroma so it’s a pleasant scent to have in the air.

Improve the quality of your sleep!

Adequate rest is important to your entire system on every level.  But we don’t get enough of it, and at this time of year, it’s worse than ever.  Sleep boosts the immune system, improves brain power and memory, benefits mood regulation, counteracts the negative effects of stress, reduces food cravings, helps the complexion, assists weight management, and prevents aging and disease.  A cup of Lullaby Tea an hour before bed, and then applying Sweet Dreams Sleep Remedy to my temples, helps relax me and ensures I get a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.  As an added treat, a warm bath an hour or two before bed with Heaven mineral-rich sea salts melts physical tension which will help you fall asleep & stay asleep … Our Night Magic Serum is a dual action overnight moisturiser which also aids sleep. Repair your skin while enjoying more restful sleep.

hangover remedy

It’s easy to get a wee bit too merry with the cocktails and wine at this time of year.  Replenishment with a mineral and electrolyte rich tea will have you feeling better rapidly. Quench Tea is expertly formulated for high-performance refreshment, so you can enjoy it as a healthy sports drink when you’re active and exercising. However, it also makes a great hangover remedy – since it is rich in electrolytes, anti-oxidants and minerals, it’s a speedy way to replenish and revive. Sip 2 to 4 cups, either hot or iced, and you’ll feel better quickly.  Apply our Roll-On Headache & Hangover Tonic to temples for added relief.

stress management & mood balancing

Between the stress of the holiday season and winter’s grey days, it’s understandable for tempers to flare and mood swings to arise.  Bergamot, lemon balm and green tea can be very helpful for managing stress and uplifting the spirits.  Our Happy Tea, Happy Roll-On and Happy Diffuser blends can do wonders.  They make great gifts for people around you who are showing signs of stress – yourself included!

Suffering from all of the above?

You’re not the only one! Pick the remedy for the problem that’s bothering you the most and start with that.  After 3 days of drinking the tea and using the product that is most suited to your situation, switch to the next item on your list.



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