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      Our stores have re-opened (see below for info)!

      You can also still shop online & choose between:

      • SAME DAY Store Pickup
      • Free & Flat Rate Shipping (Canada Post delivers to you)

      See below for details.

      How Store Pickup and Free & Flat Rate Delivery works:

      Place your order online & choose between 2 delivery methods:

      1. Store Pickup 
      You need to place your order online & pay for it online. This service is free & saves you the shipping charge whenever your order is under $50. At Check Out, select “Store Pickup” & you will be asked to choose the store you’d like to pick up at.

      When your order is ready, we’ll contact you via email. Pickup times are during store hours (see below for upcoming store hours & if these hours don’t work for you, we may sometimes be able to accommodate you at other times. Please contact us to enquire).  If you prefer not to enter the shop, give us a call at 250-382-0006 (in Victoria) & 778-379-8481 (in Vancouver) & we’ll be happy to bring it out to you.

      SAME DAY PICKUP: Place your order before noon for same day Store Pickup in Victoria & Vancouver (unless you’re ordering on day we’re closed). Orders received after noon are available for next day pickup, (unless we’re closed the next day).

      Victoria Chinatown Pickup Info

      • Same Day Pickup only available if your order is placed before noon.
      • Store Pickup is available Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 5pm & CLOSED Sunday & Monday

      Vancouver Pickup Info

      • Same Day Pickup only available if your order is placed before noon.
      • Store Pickup is available Wednesday to Friday 12pm - 5pm, Saturday 11am - 5pm & CLOSED Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.

      Store Hours + Stores Re-opening

      Our store hours in Victoria are Tuesday through Saturday 11am – 5pm & Vancouver Wednesday to Friday 12-5pm, Saturday 11am-5pm. As we are in the process of re-opening, these are the hours we are currently offering to accommodate added cleaning & hygiene.  We hope expanded hours will arrive soon after that!

      Please note that we are still working with smaller teams to support physical distancing, so it can sometime take longer to reply to emails & calls but we are doing our best to reply as quickly as possible - thank you for your patience & support!

      Are you getting an error message with shipping methods or any other issues with placing an order? Visit our FAQs where you’ll find answers + a helpful link "I’m having issues ordering on your website”.

      2.  Free & Flat Rate Shipping
      We’ve temporarily lowered our rates to help make it easier for you to get your faves delivered.
        • FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50 in Canada (normally this rate is $75).
        • For orders under $50, we offer a flat rate of only $15
        • U.S. customers get FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100 (normally this rate is $150).
        • For orders under $100, the flat rate is $35.

        We ship to anywhere in Canada & the U.S. We do not currently offer shipping to other destinations.

        Wondering about the status of your tracked parcel? Check out the FAQs page at to help navigate your parcel status.

        Our orders are shipped via Canada Post the current information from Canada Post regarding how your orders will be delivered is pasted here for your convenience. Canada Post may continue to make changes, which we will post here.

        Important Changes to Canada's Postal Service

        Canada Post has initiated the following changes to how they deliver to ensure safety:

        Parcel Delivery: To eliminate customer interactions at the door, reduce post office customer traffic and support social & physical distancing, we have implemented a Knock, Drop and Go approach. Delivery employees will knock or ring, choose the safest location available to leave the item and then depart for the next address. This change eliminates the need for signatures at the door and greatly reduces the number of parcels sent to our post offices for pick-up.

        Does Canada Post tracking say “delivered” online or via email about your parcel, but it hasn’t arrived yet? To speed things up, Canada Post delivery drivers are scanning ALL packages when they load their trucks, instead of waiting until they actually deliver.  But the trucks are getting very full & they are very busy.  So, the parcels in that truck that day which have been scanned to say “delivered” may not get delivered that day, depending on how busy they are.  When that happens, the truck goes back to the sorting facility for delivery the next day.  It may also happen that you get a confirmation of delivery early in the day, but your parcel comes later in the afternoon.

        Based on the feedback we are hearing from customers, we estimate that it may take half a day to 24 hours or longer from the time you receive an email which says “delivered” to when your parcel arrives.

        We would recommend that you wait 2 business days from receiving a message that Canada Post has delivered to contact us to follow up on this as a potentially missing parcel. It’s not until after that point, when the potential exists for the parcel to actually be missing. We cannot assist with a trace on the parcel until after Canada Post considers the parcel is missing & given the new procedures they have in place which is making it seem as though parcels are arriving sooner than they are, they will not consider the parcel missing until at least 2 days after the delivery notice. 

        During delivery:Please give Canada Post staff space and avoid opening the door or greeting them personally when they are at the door to deliver, or filling a community mailbox. Social interaction from a distance is still very much appreciated by Canada Post staff. A simple smile and wave through the window to your delivery agent, a supportive thumbs-up to the driver of the Canada Post truck as they go by or patience and a thank you to the person working at the post office all go a very long way these days.  

        Service guarantees: Our goal is to continue providing timely and reliable service. But to be safe, give our people time and manage potential challenges, we have suspended on On-time Delivery Guarantees for all parcel services, until further notice.

        In post offices: When in a retail post office, please practice social distancing and the other measures that have been implemented. 

        Parcel pick-up: Parcels left at the post-office for pickup will not be returned-to-sender until further notice. We’ve suspended our normal 15-day hold period. We ask that customers who are feeling ill or self-isolating, to please delay their visit to the post office and to pick up their parcel when it’s safe to do so.

        Hours of Service: In many post offices operated by Canada Post, we will reduce hours of service, opening one hour later and closing one hour earlier to clean, restock and provide some relief to employees. As well, for the first hour of each day, we will offer priority service to those whom are at a higher risk (the elderly or people with compromised immune systems). Franchise operated post offices will follow the measures put in place by franchise operators.

        We are working to keep our post offices open, but some may close due to building closures beyond our control and some smaller locations may close due to personnel reasons. In these cases, we will direct customers to the nearest operating post office.  


        We ship items that are sold on our online store, which includes tea, skincare, aromatherapy + bath & body care.

        We do not ship tea ware (mugs, teapots, tea strainers) or household goods – you’ll find these available for purchase at our retail shops only.

        Many of our teawares are exclusive pieces that are available in limited quantities only on a seasonal basis, & the selection can vary by store location. As well, since we do not ship them, if you like what you see, be sure to stock up when you visit in-store!

        We do not ship items purchased when you are in-store. To have items shipped, you need to place your order online directly through this site.

        Please note, A few restrictions apply on Free & Flat Rate Shipping: Shipping rates are calculated per delivery address- for instance, each order going to each delivery destination, must be over $50 in Canada, or over $100 in the U.S. to qualify for free shipping. Flat rates apply to each unique delivery address. Online Gift Cards do not qualify towards free shipping. 


        We ship using expedited service from Canada Post, so our delivery times are faster than you may expect. You’ll get a notice from us confirming when your order shipped. It typically takes 1-2 business days from when your order was placed to when we ship it.

        Here is a list of how long it usually takes for orders to arrive to you once they have been shipped

        • Vancouver Island: 1-2 business days
        • BC Lower Mainland: 1-2 business days
        • Rest of BC: 2-3 business days
        • Prairie Provinces (AB, SK, MB): 3-7 business days
        • Eastern Canada (ON, QC): 5-7 business days
        • Maritimes (NL, NB, NS, PE): 7-8 business days
        • Northern Canada (YT, NT, NU): 5-10 business days
        • USA (can vary greatly depending on the destination): 5-12 business days

        Please note these shipping estimates may vary during the holiday season or during peak times.

        We recommend adding extra time for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day as the information we’ve provided above are estimates. Due to circumstances outside of our control including severe weather & customs, parcels can experience unexpected delays. 


          SILK ROAD cannot be held responsible for misadventure resulting from the misuse or the use of any of the products or methods mentioned in this online brochure.The information outlined should not be used to treat any ailment or to imply in any way that any of our products &/or their use are a treatment or prevention for any health or medical condition.

          Individuals with health conditions &/or who use medication should consult their doctor before using any aromatherapy products. Contraindications include pregnancy, breastfeeding, asthma, epilepsy & chemotherapy. Individuals with health conditions or who use medication should consult their doctor if they intend to start drinking tea.

          SILK ROAD aromatherapy products are for external use only. Keep out of reach of children & pets. 

          Changes to our shipping rates & policies may occur without notice.

          IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE PLACING AN ONLINE ORDER, we’re happy to help! 
          Please email SILKROAD@SILKROADTEA.COM or call our online shopping help desk Tuesday - Saturday 12 pm to 5 pm PST at 250 388 6815 

          Find more FAQs here

          Postal/Zip Code Error Message

          Are you getting a Postal Code Error Message when you try to pay for your order with your credit card? Or other error message relating to credit card payment?
          • Double check all the information you entered relating to your credit card number as well as your address details.
          • Postal/Zip codes can be case sensitive - make sure yours is entered correctly (entering it incorrectly is one of the most common errors we see when this is an issue).

          If you’ve done all of the above and it’s still giving you an error message, the problem is with your bank or your credit card provider & here’s what can go wrong:

          - Sometimes what is on file at your bank slightly mismatches what you have entered in your online checkout. It might be that you moved & didn’t update your bank with your new address, or that if you have an address with a unit or apartment number on it, or it’s a numbered street (like West 4th or NW) that the way your bank has it written doesn’t match what you’ve outlined. You’ll need to check with your bank to confirm the details &/or get them to update the information if their information on file doesn’t match your current info. Fraud prevention for online purchases is continually being updated & these security features may appear on one site before another site, but if the key issue isn’t fixed, it will affect all your online purchases, with us, or other online shopping sites.

          - As well, sometimes your credit card provider or bank blocks certain online purchases, which we know can be very frustrating - but it is designed to protect you.

          In the above scenarios, you need to contact your credit card provider or bank, explain that you’re being blocked from doing the transaction online & they can assist you in getting to the bottom of it.

          If you have contacted your bank & all of these details have been looked at & you are still getting an error message blocking your purchase, please send us an email about it & we’ll see what we can do. Please note that in all cases clients have reported the above issue to us, it has always turned out to be one of the above issues, even when they thought for sure that their information on file with the bank or credit card provider was accurate. There is always a chance there is something else that could be causing a temporary glitch & we would be happy to assist you with that, but we won’t be able to make any progress for you until the other potential problems are ruled out first!

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