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      The Spa at Silk Road

      We're delighted to announce that our in-store Spa is open again, & we have some serene & wonderful new things to share with you!

      What's new?

      - We've heard from so many of you that stress is wearing you down & that you need added support with helping body & mind unwind.  We're always listening to your input & have designed some very special new Spa Services that target stress & harness several powerful modalities to encourage deep relaxation.

      - Discover our new range of Spa Services by following the links to these services:

      These new treatments have been carefully & thoughtfully developed to delight & soothe you.  We've had the opportunity to do many dress rehearsals while we've been waiting for various construction projects in our building to be completed.  The new treatments have consistently received glowing reviews, both immediately after the service as well as days & weeks later, as many participants have noticed longer lasting benefits & added lingering relaxation than with typical spa services.

      - And there is more to come!  We'll be unveiling some more new treatments in the coming months.

      - We have also incorporated upgrades to our legendary facials.  We know you love them—but we've gone even deeper within the service, to deliver an even more relaxing result.  Unfortunately we aren't able to share these new facials with you quite yet.  There have been ongoing supply chain issues for the raw materials used in our skincare.  If you're a devotee of our skincare, you know that we only use the highest quality, pure, plant-based ingredients in formulating our blends— we won't compromise on this, & we know you love that about us.  Climate change is having a significant impact on growing conditions for plants & harvests are being continually impacted by this.  Harvests are often much smaller than they would normally be.  The war in Ukraine & the pandemic have added further complexity to the situation. Ukraine is a significant producer of plant-based carrier oils & this has led to added shortages & pressure on other growing regions.  As well, labour shortages due to the pandemic have meant that at various times many producers have not had enough staff to perform farm work or harvest crops, & so crop yields have been even further reduced, beyond just the effects of climate change. When we are offering facials at the Spa we go through a lot of skincare products & ingredients.  The same is the case for spa massage—we go through bath, body & massage oils very quickly.  Our latest projection based on current available ingredients & spa bookings revealed that we would be running out of your favourite skincare products more rapidly than we could replenish them if we begin offering facials now.  We are also currently out of stock of bath, body & massage oils due to ingredient shortages. The spring & summer are key times of year for growing & harvesting botanicals, & we have large orders in place for ingredients, which will be arriving over the coming months.  Based on expected harvest & arrival dates for skincare & bodycare ingredients, we expect that we will be able to begin offering facials at the spa sometime in August.  For spa massages, it may be a bit longer than that.  It's possible we may be able to make these services available sooner, in which case we absolutely will, but we wanted to be transparent about where things are at & give you the full picture. 

      - We are treating you to Special Offer rates on Spa Services at this time. We're not sure how long we will be able to extend the Special Offer rates, so we encourage you to book in for sooner rather than later to take advantage! We appreciate your loyalty & support, & thank you for your patience in awaiting our Spa re-opening.  The cost of every aspect of what we do has increased (supplies, linen, labour, rent & more), & in some cases by quite a lot, since our Spa was last open.  When times were different for us financially, we were able to subsidize the price of Spa Services & offer some very low rates by having other aspects of the business cover some of the Spa costs.  While we are still very happy to be here, this has not been an easy time for us (or for many other businesses) financially, & so we're not in a position to subsidize the rates of Spa services in the way we did in the past.

      In case you are wondering, we won't know until we are closer to the date of launching facials what the price of those will be, as it will depend on the landed costs of ingredients.

      - We have a lovely new Inner Courtyard Spa Room for you to enjoy as well.  Located on the main level of the shop, it can accommodate two clients at the same time.  The Inner Courtyard Spa Room is a hidden gem, tucked at the back of the Tea Bar side of the store.  It is accessed through a historic, tiny, private alleyway that once connected all the tenants in our building, but is now exclusive to us.  You step down into the alleyway & then a few steps further down into the sunken Inner Courtyard Spa Room.  Our goal is always to preserve & celebrate the historic nature of our building, & so it feels as though you've gone back in time as you pass through from the shop into the Inner Courtyard Spa Room.  If you book in for DOUBLE HARMONY this is the room your service will take place in.  As well, depending on availability & the bookings on any given day, you may be situated in that room for a solo service as well.  We are still offering services on the lower level of the store, in the original Spa.  
      - Our Spa team members are still working with us, so you can look forward to appointments with your favourite Spa Practitioners.  Click here for their bios.
      - We'll continue to update this page with any new information relating to the Spa. This is the best place for up-to-date information on the Spa.
      Lastly, thank you for your kind messages & words of support during this challenging time—they have been very appreciated by me and our amazing team.
      Warm Regards,

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