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      SILK ROAD Gift Cards are a wonderful way to pamper friends, family, co-workers, staff or someone special.

      We offer TWO types of Gift Cards:

      1. Online Gift Cards are for online shopping only (on this website). Online Gift Cards cannot be used in our Vancouver & Victoria shops or for spa services, but keep in mind that when you shop online, we’ll ship the tea, skincare or bodycare items that you’ve purchased to anywhere in Canada & the U.S. We also do local delivery, so if you’ve purchased an Online Gift Card for someone who lives near our shops, they can redeem it online and have the items they purchase delivered delivered to their home or work.When you purchase an Online Gift Card you get an email sent to you that contains a unique gift code that you redeem at checkout. When you buy an Online Gift Card for someone else, you simply forward the email to the person you’re gifting it to. Online Gift Cards cannot be purchased in our shops – they can only be purchased on this webstore.

      Online Gift Cards are ideal for when you’re not able to visit our shops in person to purchase a physical gift card, &/or if you’re in a rush to get someone a gift & don’t have time for an In-Store Gift Card to arrive in the mail. Please note, when purchasing an Online Gift Card it will not qualify towards free shipping. Buy an Online Gift Card here. 

      2. In-Store Gift Cards can be used at our retail stores & for spa services at our Chinatown shop (this is the only location with a Spa). They cannot be used for online shopping – you need an Online Gift Card for that. When you purchase an In-Store Gift Card on this webstore, a physical gift card is mailed via Canada Post to you, or to the recipient. Please note that In-Store Gift Cards purchased through this webstore cannot be picked up in-store. However, you can purchase an In-Store Gift Card in person if you visit one of our shops. Buy an In-store Gift Card here.


      You’ll need to purchase an In-store Gift Card for a dollar value that they use when they come in for their service. Please note that we are unable to accept payment by credit card over the phone for spa services. We recommend purchasing $100, $150 or $200 value Gift Cards for Spa Services as these amounts correspond to around the rates of spa services and spa packages, & they allow for a tip as well. 


      We wish we had this option and are working on ways to offer one Gift Card that can be used both in-store & online. Unfortunately our system does not support this option, so at this time you’ll need to choose between an Online or In-Store Gift Card.


        How to Redeem an Online Gift Card

        Online Gift Cards can be used towards any items sold on this website. On the Checkout page in the Payment section, enter your unique code.

        A Gift Card holds a balance, which can be spent on several orders until it runs out.

        If the purchase you have made online is larger than the value of the Online Gift Card it will apply the value of the Gift Card first &  let you know the remaining amount that you owe.

        Please note that Online Gift Cards cannot be used towards in-store shopping purchases or spa services – they can only be redeemed online.

        How to redeem an In-store Gift Card

        In-Store Gift Cards can be used at our retail stores and for spa services at our Chinatown shop (this is the only location with a Spa). A valid, physical gift card must be presented at the time of your service or purchase. If you forget your Gift Card, you will need to pay for your service/merchandise that day & use the Gift Card another time. If the purchase you are making is larger than the value of your Gift Card we will apply the value of the Gift Card first & let you know the remaining amount that you owe.

        Please note that In-store Gift Cards (regardless of whether they are purchased in-store or online) cannot be used towards online shopping purchases – they can only be redeemed in store.

        Smaller denominations of gift cards (starting at $10) are available for purchase at our retail stores only – they are not available online.


        terms & conditions 

        A Gift Card is not valid unless an active code number is attached. Our computer system tracks the value of your Gift Card. If there is a difference between the stated value of your Gift Card, & the actual record in our computer system, the record in our computer system is the value which will be honoured.

        Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards. You cannot use a SILK ROAD Gift Card to
        purchase Online or In-store Gift Cards.

        We will only honour Gift Cards purchased through our stores or website.

        Gift Cards are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, and they do not qualify for an exchange. They can only be used to purchase goods online or in-store.


        Gift Cards are like cash – the person in possession of the card is known as the bearer and they are who gets to use the card. We cannot accept a photo of a gift card or a gift card number as proof of ownership. A Gift Card cannot be redeemed or re-issued if it is lost, stolen, altered, tampered with, damaged or destroyed.

        A Gift Card is not valid unless a legible gift card number is attached.

        Silk Road does not accept responsibility for cards lost, damaged or stolen, or any unauthorized use of cards. Acceptance of this card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, which may change at any time. Unauthorized resale prohibited.


        Our current Gift Cards do not expire. We honour the full cash value of the card, however, please note that as Gift Cards can be redeemed multiple times until there is a zero balance, it is the current, valid amount that is verified by our point of sale system that will be honoured.

        Many years ago, we offered a type of Gift Certificate for specific spa services & packages. These had a price guarantee for the value of the service 1 year from the date of purchase. There have been price increases for Spa Services since that time. We will honour the value of this type of gift card, but a price difference between the old rate & new rate will be applied. You can also apply the dollar value to the purchase of products in-store.

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