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      GenerosiTEA has been part of who we are since we opened our doors in 1992, so we have a long & proud history of contributing to countless causes that have benefitted many. 

      Our commitment to giving comes from Daniela Cubelic, our Tea Master + Owner, who has a strong belief in the importance of making a positive contribution to our community & to the planet. She lives those values through the generosity of donations Silk Road makes, as well as through her own direct involvement over the course of many years, in volunteering for numerous organizations.

      Planning a fundraiser or event? Our eco-friendly, locally made products are the perfect choice! We offer special discounted rates for non-profits & community organizations. You can re-sell them at a mark-up to fundraise, or use them as gifts for giveaways & raffles. Contact us at to enquire. Please send a detailed email which includes the name of the organization you are applying to get the discount for, how many units you need & when you need the items by. The more you tell us about you & your event or fundraising purpose, the better we can assist you with recommendations & advice. 

      Please note that have already made all of our charitable commitments & are fully allocated for donations running through to February 2022. When the ability to accept donation requests re-opens, we will update this page. Please keep an eye out here for information regarding how to submit a donation request. As we are not currently accepting donation requests, we are not able to provide you with that information at this time. We review our donation criteria on an ongoing basis to ensure that our contributions are going to causes that are considered a key priority in the coming year. As noted above, if you are interested in purchasing items at a discounted rate for your charitable or community organization, we would love to assist you!

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