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      All goods purchased at this time are considered a FINAL SALE. For health & safety reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges on any personal care products or food items, including all tea, skincare, bath & body care products & essential oils.  

      Due to additional safety concerns around Covid-19 we are also not accepting any returns or exchanges at the store of household goods such as teapots, teacups, mugs, strainers or tea filters.

      For future reference (once we are able to return to our prior Returns & Exchanges policy), it’s listed for you below, but please note it is not currently in effect & due to safety concerns we must be firm in not accepting any exchanges or returns until further notice.

      Returns In-Store

      Items such as teapots & teacups can qualify for exchange or return. They can be exchanged or returned within 14 days of purchase, but must be unused & in good condition.

      We are not responsible for items once they have left the store, & do not accept exchanges or refunds on items damaged through breakage, usage, wear & tear, improper care (e.g. broken, cracked, chipped) or damage that occurs when an item is used for a purpose other than what is intended, or what it was designed for (ie. putting a non-microwaveable object in the microwave, putting a teapot on the stovetop, or pouring hot tea into non-heat proof glassware that is intended for iced drinks).

      No refunds without a receipt, & only on items that qualify for an exchange or refunded. To receive a refund, you must have the original receipt & the goods you are returning must qualify for return based on the above restrictions. If you do not have a receipt, only goods which qualify based on the above restrictions will be considered. Exchange items will be offered for their current value.

      Online & In-store Gift Cards are non-refundable & cannot be redeemed if they are lost. A Gift Card is not valid unless a gift certificate number is attached. If you received a Gift Card for a specific spa service, but would instead prefer to use it towards merchandise, or would prefer a different spa service, you are welcome to do so. We will apply the current cash value of the Gift Card to the other service or product.

      No refunds, exchanges or price adjustments on sale items.

      If you wish to exchange or return an item purchased in the store, it must be brought in person to the actual physical retail store of the original purchase. Returns & exchanges from in-store purchases cannot be processed through online shopping.

      Returns Online

      Contact to inquire about products purchased online – they cannot be returned or exchanged to our physical store & must be handled by our online shopping service.

      No refunds, exchanges or price adjustments on sale items.

      If there is an issue with your order, you need to notify us as soon as possible - within 5 business days or less of receiving your order.

      We have a strong quality assurance program in place to ensure orders are checked multiple times before being shipped, so that your order is shipped with all correct items & packed well according to shipping best practices to prevent damage.

      In the event there is an issue, please send us an email to within 5 days or less, describing what happened & we may request that you take photos. If the exterior of the parcel was damaged, or goods inside the parcel were damaged, you’ll also need to retain all packing materials for inspection by Canada Post.

      Find more FAQs here

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