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      Join us for fun, educational sessions that support well-being, self-care & stress-management.

      Regardless of where in Canada or the U.S. you are located, you & your friends, family or co-workers can join us online. 

      IDEAL FOR: 
      - a group of co-workers (great for staff appreciation & team building)
      - a group of friends or family
      - some pampering time & a lovely way to celebrate a special occasion, birthday or shower
      - for your book club or volunteer group

      Discounted rates on tea, skincare, bodycare & wellness products as well as gift kits & self-care kits are available when you make a group booking.

      When you spend $500 or more on products, OR you purchase $500 or more in gift cards for attendees to use towards product purchases at the event, you’ll receive the workshop for free!

      A 100% deposit is required at the time of booking.

      CONTACT US to reserve & for more info. 

      A minimum of 10 people is required for an online Group Booking. For parties of less than 10, any of the above sessions are available for a flat fee of $250.

      beau-TEA-ful Skincare ParTEA | Learn the secrets of a DIY Home Spa Facial that renews, repairs & leaves your skin healthy and glowing. We’ll teach you how to customise to your skin’s needs. Discover how to provide deep hydration, provide anti-aging benefits & damage repair, draw out impurities, reduce uneven skin tones, soothe even the most sensitive complexions, re-balance or combat oily, combination or blemished skin.  You’ll be amazed at the results.  This easy, but powerfully effective Home Spa Facial uses all-natural, non-toxic, organic, green beauty products that are vegan, cruelty free & gluten free. You’ll also find out how to make a simple, fast DIY scrub treatment that nourishes & moisturises while removing dry skin. You’ll also get professional tips & tricks for healthy, radiant skin.  1 hr session | $25 per person

      Turn over a New Leaf | Get scientifically based tips that improve your well-being utilising the benefits of tea & natural remedies. Recent studies indicate that stress is actually contagious! The good news is that positivity is also contagious. Learn how to improve your response to stress (which has significant benefits in your daily life as well as for your overall health) & will positively affect those around you. Discover how to better manage moods to stay upbeat even during grey, rainy winter days. Want more energy? Feeling sluggish, fatigued, or as though you’re lacking vitality? Find out how to renew & revitalize. Stress as well as other lifestyle factors contribute to weight gain & food cravings.  Want to shed some pounds and assist weight management?  There are naturally slimming teas to discover. Studies indicate that getting a good night’s sleep affects memory, moods, the immune system & even prevents aging & disease, but it’s a struggle for many to get adequate rest. Get invaluable natural remedies for sleep. Boosting your immune system is important for warding off colds & flu – get tips on immune boosters too. Allergies are common problem – either seasonally or year-round, & they can impact your quality of life, moods & energy level.  Discover natural methods for helping with seasonal & ongoing allergies. It’s easier than you think – small but powerful new habits, all-natural remedies & teas can have a big impact. 1 hr session | $25 per person

      Tea Journey | Travel with your tastebuds as you explore the fascinating world of tea as you taste a selection of teas. Learn secrets for brewing tea to enhance taste & health benefits, as well as professional techniques for tea tasting. Be introduced to the art of matching tea with teaware to bring out a tea’s bouquet & flavours. Discover the basics of tea brewing techniques & the differences in how teas are grown, harvested & how these factors impact the tea. 1 hr session | $35 per person

      Seasonal Tea Mixology | From yummy tea lattes, to sangrias, iced teas, mulled teas, tea ciders, slushies, punch, martinis & more. Discover how fun, fast, easy & delicious it is to make seasonally inspired tea-based drinks. Get fool-proof recipes, tips & techniques that you can enjoy at work, at home, or that you can serve when you’re entertaining. Best of all, these combinations taste divine & are naturally high in antioxidants, but are low in calories & do not contain chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavours or hidden additives. They are also gluten-free, soy-free & dairy-free but won’t taste like a sacrifice! 1 hr session | $35 per person


      We are looking forward to hosting workshops & events in-store again, once it's safe to do so.

      Check back here for updates & be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter.

      You can also contact us via email & we’ll add you to our waiting list.

      In the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing you online! 


      Enjoy these free videos on your own, or enjoy a physically distanced tea video watching session.  Gather a group of friends, co-workers or family over a remote cup of tea & watching one or more of our Tea Master's fun & fascinating tea videos!

      Learn tips, tricks, recipes & secrets for how to make DELICIOUS SOUP infused with tea, TEA OATMEAL, Tea HOT CHOCOLATEICE CREAM TEA FLOATS, Tea LATTES, Tea SLUSHIESICE CREAM TEA FLOATS, Tea LATTES, Tea SLUSHIES, Tea SANGRIAS, instant ICED TEA & TEA LEMONADES with our tea  RECIPE VIDEOS

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