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      Herbal Teas

      Herbal Teas are caffeine-free so you can sip them all day long. Kids & teens love our irresistible blends, & you don’t need to worry about the tea being a hidden source of chemicals, calories or ingredients you’d prefer your family & yourself to avoid. We never use artificial flavours, sweeteners, dyes or ingredients containing gluten, soy or dairy.

      Our premium quality ingredients result in tea that is naturally sweet, rich & smooth tasting, so you won’t feel as inclined to add sweeteners or milk (as you might with other brands).

      Be sure to check out our loose Herbal Teas as well as the ones available in convenient teabags.

      While our Herbal Teas are caffeine-free, you’ll be pleased to discover that the same tea blend can be gently energizing (without being overstimulating), or relaxing depending on the time of day it is consumed. This is because our expertly blended teas contain herbs, spices, fruits & flowers known in herbal medicine as adaptogens. Adaptogens are naturally balancing and are traditionally associated with helping your body and mind find harmony.