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      White Teas

      White Tea was historically among the most prized teas because it was associated with tremendous healthful properties. Considered an elixir of life with powerful anti-aging benefits, it was said to lead to inner and outer vitality, a youthful appearance & healthy skin.

      It turns out that White Teas can be especially rich in antioxidants because it is produced from the youngest leaves on the tea plant (where the highest levels of antioxidants can often be found), & is dried with minimal heat. However, the quality of the tea as well as growing conditions, the method of picking, level of freshness, storage & handling of can dramatically alter how much goodness it contains & cause a significant deterioration of antioxidants in the tea. We carefully select white teas that maximize the tea’s antioxidant value, & store & handle our teas with special care to ensure they retain maximum goodness. We also never use artificial flavours, sweeteners, dyes or ingredients containing gluten, soy or dairy.

      White teas have a very low caffeine content, which is similar to & often below that of green tea.