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      Online Shopping

      How do I qualify for FREE Shipping?

      Spend $75 or more & your order will ship for FREE to any Canadian destination. 
      For orders under $75 in Canada, the FLAT RATE is only $15.

      Shipping to the U.S. is FREE for orders orders over $150. 
      For orders under $150, the FLAT RATE is $35.

      All prices are in Canadian dollars. 

      If you are a U.S. customer, your credit card company will automatically convert the funds from Canadian to U.S. dollars & that information will appear on your credit card statement. 

      Once your shopping cart reaches the correct dollar value for free shipping, it will automatically offer free shipping to you. Otherwise, it will charge you the flat rate. Please note, when purchasing an Online Gift Card it will not qualify towards free shipping.

      Where do you ship to?

      We ship to anywhere in Canada & the U.S. We do not currently offer shipping to other destinations.

      Items purchased through online shopping can be delivered locally to Vancouver & Victoria (where our retail shops are located) as well as to any destination in Canada & the U.S.

      If you purchase items in-store at our Vancouver or Victoria shops, you’ll need to transport those items on your own. We do not offer shipping for goods purchased in-store.

      What products do you ship?

      We ship items that are sold on our online store, which includes tea, skincare, aromatherapy + bath & body care.

      We do not ship tea ware (mugs, teapots, tea strainers) or household goods – you’ll find these available for purchase at our retail shops only.

      Many of our teawares are exclusive pieces that are available in limited quantities only on a seasonal basis, & the selection can vary by store location. As well, since we do not ship them, if you like what you see, be sure to stock up when you visit in-store!

      We do not ship items purchased when you are in-store. To have items shipped, you need to place your order online directly through this site.

      I saw an item in one of your stores that isn’t on the website. Is it possible to get it shipped?

      We only offer shipping for items that are sold through our website. Our retail shops carry a wider selection of items & are always worth a visit when you’re in the area!

      Can I place an order over the phone?

      Credit card companies do not allow us to take credit card information over the phone or via email, so we are unable to take your order over the phone. We do not accept payment by cheque, money order or e-transfer. You’ll need to place your order online & pay for it using our secure e-commerce provider.

      If you need assistance with online shopping, please feel free to email call our Online Shopping Help Desk at 250-388-6815

      Can I place an order by calling your store & pick it up in-store?

      Credit card companies do not allow us to take credit card information over the phone or via email, so we are unable to take your order over the phone. You can visit the store in person to shop & pay for the items in person, or you can place an order online & have it shipped.

      Can I purchase a gift card or spa service as a gift over the phone?

      Credit card companies do not allow us to take credit card information over the phone or via email, so we are unable to take your order over the phone. You can visit the store in person to shop & pay in person, or you can place an order online & have it shipped.


      Please note that prices are subject to change without notice. We do not offer rain checks or price guarantees.

      How long will it take to receive my order?

      You’ll get a notice from us confirming when your order shipped. It typically takes 1-2 business days from when your order was placed to when we ship it.

      We ship using expedited service from Canada Post, so our delivery times are faster than you may expect. Here is a list of how long it usually takes for orders to arrive to you once they have been shipped

      • Vancouver Island: 1-2 business days
      • BC Lower Mainland: 1-2 business days
      • Rest of BC: 2-3 business days
      • Prairie Provinces (AB, SK, MB): 3-7 business days
      • Eastern Canada (ON, QC): 5-7 business days
      • Maritimes (NL, NB, NS, PE): 7-8 business days
      • Northern Canada (YT, NT, NU): 5-10 business days
      • USA (can vary greatly depending on the destination): 5-12 business days

      Please note these shipping estimates may vary during the holiday season or during peak times.

      We recommend adding extra time for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day as the information we’ve provided above are estimates. Due to circumstances outside of our control including severe weather & customs, parcels can experience unexpected delays

      We ship via Canada Post

      Orders within Canada & to the USA, are shipped via Canada Post expedited service, which is faster than regular parcel post, ensuring a speedier delivery time!

      Is there a faster way to get my order? What are your shipping options

      The only method of shipping we currently offer is Canada Post.

      This is a gift – I’d prefer a receipt not be included. What are the options?

      During checkout please note in the special instructions, that the order is a gift & whether a receipt is needed or not. If it’s noted as a gift then a gift receipt is included.

      Where can I locate my shipping / tracking info?

      You will receive an email when your order has shipped. The tracking information will be included. 

      Will I need to sign for my order?

      Our standard option with Canada Post expedited service is to have the package delivered to your door, signature required by someone of age, & in the event no one is at home then a notice of delivery will be placed on your door or mail box. This is done for security reasons.

      If you would like Canada Post to drop off the package without signature required please include the instructions in the special instructions box during checkout.

      I need to make changes to my order?

      Please email or call our online help desk.

      I'm getting a postal/zip code error message

      Postal codes are case sensitive - make sure yours is entered correctly (entering it incorrectly is one of the most common errors we see when this is an issue). If it’s still giving you an error message, the problem is with your bank or your credit card provider & here’s what can go wrong:

      - Sometimes what is on file at your bank slightly mismatches what you have entered in your online checkout. It might be that you moved and didn’t update your bank with your new address, or that if you have an address with a unit or apartment number on it, or it’s a numbered street (like West 4th or NW) that the way your bank has it written doesn’t match what you’ve outlined. You’ll need to check with your bank to confirm the details &/or get them to update the information if their information on file doesn’t match your current info. Fraud prevention for online purchases is continually being updated & these security features may appear on one site before another site, but if the key issue isn’t fixed, it will affect all your online purchases, with us, or other online shopping sites.

       - As well, sometimes your credit card provider or bank blocks certain online purchases, which we know can be very frustrating - but it is designed to protect you.

      In the above scenarios, you need to contact your credit card provider or bank, explain that you’re being blocked from doing the transaction online & they can assist you in getting to the bottom of it.

      If you have contacted your bank & all of these details have been looked at & you are still getting an error message blocking your purchase, please contact us. Please note that in all cases clients have reported the above issue to us, it has always turned out to be one of the above issues, even when they thought for sure that their information on file with the bank or credit card provider was accurate. There is always a chance there is something else that could be causing a temporary glitch & we would be happy to assist you with that, but we won’t be able to make any progress for you until the other potential problems are ruled out first!


      Do I need a customer account to buy from you?

      Yes, you will need to register for a customer account before you are able to checkout. Once you have activated your account, you will be able to login for faster checkout & to track your order. Create your account here

      I have a wholesale account with you, how do I place an order?

      This online shopping store is not enabled for wholesale orders at this time. Please email your order to or call the Wholesale Department Monday - Friday 10 am to 4 pm at 250-388-6815

      I forgot my password?

      You will need to reset your password. Go to the Log in page & click forgot your password?. This will prompt you to enter the email that you used to create an account. You will receive an email that you can use to reset your password. 


      What is your return & exchange policy?

      For health & safety reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges on any personal care products or food items, including all tea, skincare, bath & body care products & essential oils.

      Returns In Store

      Items such as teapots & teacups can qualify for exchange or return. They can be exchanged or returned within 14 days of purchase, but must be unused & in good condition. We are not responsible for items once they have left the store, & do not accept exchanges or refunds on items damaged through breakage, usage, wear & tear, improper care (e.g. broken, cracked, chipped) or damage that occurs when an item is used for a purpose other than what is intended, or what it was designed for (ie. putting a non-microwaveable object in the microwave, putting a teapot on the stovetop, or pouring hot tea into non-heat proof glassware that is intended for iced drinks).

      No refunds without a receipt, & only on items that qualify for an exchange or refunded. To receive a refund, you must have the original receipt & the goods you are returning must qualify for return based on the above restrictions. If you do not have a receipt, only goods which qualify based on the above restrictions will be considered. Exchange items will be offered for their current value.

      Online & In-store Gift Cards are non-refundable & cannot be redeemed if they are lost. A Gift Card is not valid unless a gift certificate number is attached. If you received a Gift Card for a specific spa service, but would instead prefer to use it towards merchandise, or would prefer a different spa service, you are welcome to do so. We will apply the current cash value of the Gift Card to the other service or product.

      No refunds, exchanges or price adjustments on sale items.

      If you wish to exchange or return an item purchased in the store, it must be brought in person to the actual physical retail store of the original purchase. Returns & exchanges from in-store purchases cannot be processed through online shopping.

      Returns Online

      Contact to inquire about products purchased online – they cannot be returned or exchanged to our physical store & must be handled by our online shopping service.

      No refunds, exchanges or price adjustments on sale items.

      I need help… there’s a problem with my order.

      If there is an issue with your order, you need to notify us as soon as possible - within 5 business days or less of receiving your order.

      We have a strong quality assurance program in place to ensure orders are checked multiple times before being shipped, so that your order is shipped with all correct items & packed well according to shipping best practices to prevent damage.

      In the event there is an issue, please send us an email to within 5 days or less, describing what happened & we may request that you take photos. If the exterior of the parcel was damaged, or goods inside the parcel were damaged, you’ll also need to retain all packing materials for inspection by Canada Post.

      Gift Cards

      What is the difference between an Online & In-store Gift Card?

      Online Gift Cards are for online shopping only (on this website). Online Gift Cards cannot be used in our Vancouver & Victoria shops or for spa services. In-Store Gift Cards can be used at our retail stores & for spa services at our Chinatown shop (this is the only location with a Spa).

      Read more Gift Card FAQs here

      Can I use a gift card online?

      Yes, you will need to purchase an ONLINE Gift Card. You will not be able to make online purchases with a In-Store Gift Card. When you purchase an Online Gift Card you get an email sent to you that contains a unique gift code that you redeem at checkout.

      Can I use a gift card in the Spa?

      Yes, you will need to purchase a IN-STORE Gift Card. Online Gift Cards are not redeemable at the Spa. When you purchase an In-Store Gift Card online, a physical gift card is mailed either to you or to the recipient – gift cards purchased online cannot be picked up in-store. They cannot be used to purchase merchandise online.

      How do I give a gift card as a present?

      When you buy an Online Gift Card for someone else, you simply forward the email to the person you’re gifting it to. When you buy an In-store Gift Card for someone else, a physical gift card is mailed via Canada Post to you, or to the recipient. Please note that In-Store Gift Cards purchased through this webstore cannot be picked up in-store. You can also purchase an In-Store Gift Card in person if you visit one of our shops. 

      Read more Gift Card FAQs here


      I’m having issues ordering on your website

      We’re happy to help! Please email or call our online shopping help desk Monday - Friday 10 am to 4 pm PST at 250-388-6815

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