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      Black Teas

      Studies suggest that drinking black tea regularly is associated with a number of health benefits. It may improve cardiovascular health, prevent strokes & boost the immune system.

      However, the quality of the tea as well as growing conditions, the method of picking, level of freshness, storage & handling can alter how much goodness it contains & cause a significant deterioration of antioxidants in the tea.

      We select black teas that maximize the tea’s antioxidant value, & store & handle our teas with special care to ensure they retain maximum goodness. This also results in black tea with a naturally smoother, sweeter & less bitter taste, which also means you’re less tempted to add sweeteners or milk - or if you do enjoy adding them to your tea, our clients often tell us they don’t need as much as they are used to.

      You’ll find a delightful selection of black tea blends created by our Tea Master, as well as plain black teas to choose from. Made with the purest, highest quality ingredients, we also never use artificial flavours, sweeteners, dyes or ingredients containing gluten, soy or dairy.

      Be sure to check out our loose Black Teas as well as the ones available in convenient teabags.