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dancing monkey tail


dancing monkey tail

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- sold out online but small quantities are available at our Victoria Chinatown and Vancouver Kitsilano locations -


Don't miss out on this extraordinary tea!

Highly prized for its delicate taste and superior antioxidants, which are a result of the tea leaves coming from wild tea bushes, and also because of painstaking ancient artisanal methods that maximize nutrient value and retain the tea’s unusually large leaf size. Grown & harvested in remote wilderness areas of Anhui China.

The leaves are said to resemble a dancing monkey tail when steeping. Brew in a glass teapot or clear travel mug to enjoy their appearance. One leaf makes up to 4 cups of tea & can be re-infused several times. A packet contains 20-30 tea leaves.

Our Special Reserve Tea Collection celebrates the art of tea craftsmanship, supports biodiversity, the environment and small scale tea farmers. Requiring great skill to produce, many of the teas in this collection can take a Tea Maker over 10 years to learn and by purchasing these teas you’re helping keep these traditions and unique tea varietals alive and thriving.

Exposure to light, heat and air causes flavour loss as well as the nutrient value of tea to decline, so be sure to store this tea in the package it came in. Always reseal tightly after opening.

To maximize the taste & aroma experience of this exquisite tea:

> brew & serve it Chinese Tea Ceremony style in a light to medium weight porcelain teapot & cups

> sip from a thin, curved lip teacup or gaiwan (lidded teacup)

Our teaware is curated by our Tea Master & is available in-store only. We offer an unique selection of connoisseur’s teawares which are limited edition. They are created by highly skilled artisans, are often not sold anywhere else in North America & include exclusive collaborations with local & overseas makers. Selection varies by location & we invite you to visit us in person to browse the selection. Ask a staff member to show you our selection of specialized connoisseur’s teaware.
Fresh, Organic Tea = More Antioxidants. No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners, Dairy or Soy. Gluten-Free