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en-lighten wellness tea


en-lighten wellness tea

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en-lighten wellness tea

- This item is sold out online and at our retail locations & we do not currently have an estimated date for when it will be back in stock. Keep checking this space as it will be updated as soon as they items are back in stock! You can also contact and we can put you on a customer request list where you’ll be notified when this item is back in stock.

Unpredictable & severe weather conditions from climate change are affecting the availability of many ingredients at this time, so the shortage of this tea is outside of our control.

We recommend you browse our selection of teas that are in stock, as you may find some new favourites :) Be sure to check out the “items we think you’ll love” along with other teas by category to discover new options. -

reset, enliven, uplift

Ready for renewal? Feeling sluggish, fatigued or have winter weight you’d like to shed?

Activate vitality & recover from the indulgences of the holiday season. Recent studies support the traditional uses of mulberry & dandelion for weight & blood sugar management & to block the effects of carbs.

Ginseng, yuzu (an Asian citrus fruit), oolong & white tea contain antioxidants & are prized in Asia as tonics for counteracting the effects of stress, as digestive aids & revivers for renewal & revitalization. Jasmine & rose petals uplift & soothe.

- Drink a cup either with or immediately after consuming carbs, sweets or rich foods.

- Sip throughout the day &/or between meals. Naturally hydrating, en-lighten can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature in place of water.

Make a perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick me up to revitalize & counteract low energy & food cravings. This blend is primarily comprised of herbs & contains very little caffeine but has a pleasant, gently energizing quality due to the ginseng & oolong tea in it.

This limited edition small-batch seasonal blend is available for a short time while quantities last.

ingredients: mulberry, dandelion, yuzu, ginseng, oolong, white tea, jasmine & rose petals

ingredients: feuilles de mûrier, dent de lion, yuzu, ginseng, the blanc, jasmin et roses

*If you’re previously enjoyed our plain Mulberry Tea we think you’ll love this new blend. In addition to Mulberry it contains other ingredients that amplify its effects and tastes similar to plain Mulberry, but with light citrus hints. Please note it does look somewhat different than plain Mulberry Tea - this new tea contains two types of Mulberry - a steamed, unrolled leaf as well as a steamed and rolled leaf. The other style of Mulberry we had stocked before contained only steamed and rolled leaves, but this one has both. This doesn’t change the benefits of the tea in any way.

Be sure to stock up on en-lighten before it sells out - we were only able to produce a small batch due to the availability of ingredients. If you’re unsure how you’ll enjoy this, stop by one of our shops to taste it before you stock up or if you’re ordering online, you may wish to purchase a smaller size before ordering a large quantity. If you’ve primarily enjoyed Mulberry for the benefits, en-lighten offers a very similar effect, in which case you may want to go ahead and get a larger quantity right away as stock of EnLighten is very limited. We were only able to make up a small amount of en-lighten and we expect it to sell out quickly.

Mulberry is currently experiencing crop shortages stemming from climate change, and we do not expect to have any plain Mulberry in stock for 6 to 8 months or longer. We also do not expect to be able to be able to make more en-lighten tea once it sells out.
Fresh, Organic Tea = More Antioxidants. No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners, Dairy or Soy. Gluten-Free