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mango lemonade black tea


mango lemonade black tea

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Mango Lemonade

- sold out online but small quantities are available at our Victoria Chinatown location -

tropical escape

black tea, lemongrass, calendula, lemon, mango

flavour profile: mouthwatering mango and luscious lemon transport you to a tropical oasis

- healthy, naturally sweet, sugar-free

- thirst-quenching & rich in anti-oxidants

- no artificial flavours

Makes a delicious iced tea & a fantastic base for a summer cocktail or mocktail. Serve by the pitcher for easy summer entertaining.

Try these fast, fun & easy recipe ideas:

SPIKED LEMONADE COCKTAIL Add 2oz gin, vodka or rum to every 8oz iced tea.

FROZEN SLUSH Steep 3 tbsp. tea in 1 cup boiling water for 5 min. Strain. Add 1 tbsp. honey. Whiz tea in blender with 2 cups ice. Optional: add 2oz gin, vodka or rum per cup.

For more seasonal recipe ideas, visit the recipes section of our website.

Our love of fine tea, craftsmanship and passion are reflected in every expertly blended cup of tea.

Loose teas are sold in refillable tins to preserve freshness and nutrients. Exposure to light, heat and air causes flavour loss as well as the nutrient value of tea to decline, so be sure to store your teas in the tins they came in.  Bring the tin back into our shops for refills and enjoy a discount.  Please note that we sell our loose teas by volume, not weight.  For information about tea tin sizes, visit our TEA SIZING CHART.

Teabags are sold in re-sealable zip top satchels. Always reseal tightly after opening.
Fresh, Organic Tea = More Antioxidants. No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners, Dairy or Soy. Gluten-Free