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oily skin toner, sea


oily skin toner, sea

Step 3 Purify, minimize pores, prevent breakouts. For oily, combination, congested or breakout prone skin.

- balance the skin’s pH to an optimum level, which is vital for a healthy, blemish-free complexion (and should always be done after cleansing)
- counteract oil
- regular use assists in re-balancing oil production to minimize pores, reduce excess oil and congestion
- hydrate
- preps skin for Step 4 MOISTURISE
- revive and cool down in hot weather, when camping or after workouts
- made without harsh chemicals and is alcohol free

Studies indicate the skin’s pH is linked to its overall health - and optimizing that balance prevents inflammation, breakouts, irritation and wrinkles. Maintaining a healthy pH is far more important than you may realize - this product is a secret weapon and regular use (especially after cleansing and before moisurising) but also after after workouts can do wonders!

mindfulness benefits
- energizing and revitalizing effect on the mind. Spray on base of neck, behind knees and over face for when you feel overheated from the sun, physical activity or hot flashes.

how to use
Mist TONER over face and neck after WATERFALL FACE WASH to pH balance and before NOURISHING DEW MOISTURISER (to lock in key benefits). Follow with Step 4 MOISTURISE.

Apply anytime to assist skin’s pH balance, hydrate and refresh. Always apply after cleansing and before moisuturising as well as before make-up. Mist face immediately after exercise or in hot weather to help you cool down, as well as to counteract sweat and prevent congestion (which leads to breakouts).

Mist when on airplanes to keep skin hydrated, maintain pH and feel refreshed.

Great as a soothing aftershave to calm irritation.

Place your TONER in the fridge or a cooler for an ultra refreshing effect in hot weather, when camping or for after exercise.
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aqua (water), mentha piperita (peppermint), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), lavender (lavandula officinalis), eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus), acetic acid (apple cider vinegar)

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