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rustic ti kuan yin oolong tea
rustic ti kuan yin oolong tearustic ti kuan yin oolong tea


rustic ti kuan yin oolong tea

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rustic ti kuan yin

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flavour profile: compelling roasted notes and a dried fruit aroma, with a smooth, medium bodied flavour

ingredients: roasted oolong tea

Produced in the original style of a centuries old, classic Ti Kuan Yin. There are many styles and versions of Iron Goddess Tea and this one has a medium-bodied flavour & is roasted to create yummy toasty notes.

Also known as Iron Goddess Tea, this tea type was invented in Anxi County, China and was named after the Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin.

It is very popular because of an enjoyable taste, the slimming, digestive & health benefits traditionally associated with it & the story behind the tea’s creation. Kuan Yin appeared to a local farmer in a dream & told him of a treasure hidden ­­in a cave behind a temple that he was to share with others. When the farmer awoke, he found the cave & a tea shoot inside which he planted, which then grew into this wonderful tea & continues to be treasured today for its pleasing taste & healthful properties.

Throughout Asia, it is also known as a “slimming tea” & is associated with anti-aging, cardiovascular, energizing, metabolism boosting, digestive & slimming effects. Traditionally 1-2 cups are consumed with or after rich or heavy meals. Although the caffeine in this tea is lower than black tea, it has an energizing effect so it’s best to drink it up to mid-afternoon.

Please note we sometimes have other varieties of Ti Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess Tea) in stock - enquire about our current selection.

recipe ideas

- Delicious iced or hot & also makes a terrific COLD BREW & ICE BREW. See below for instructions on these methods. Enjoy plain or garnish with fresh orange or citrus slices.

- Transform into a cocktail. Pairs beautifully with whiskey, bourbon, dark rum, brandy & orange liqueurs. Add 1-2 oz per glass.

To make COLD BREW TEA: Pour room temp or cold water over 1 tsp. tea. Refrigerate 2 hrs or overnight, then strain & drink.

To make ICE BREW TEA: Place 1-2 tsp. tea in 1 cup ice. Let sit at room temperature. Once ice is partially melted, strain any tea leaves & drink.

Advantages of COLD BREW & ICE BREW TEA

- results in lower caffeine than tea brewed using hot water

- no hot water needed. Easy method for kids if you prefer they avoid hot liquids. Perfect for travel or camping when access to a kettle is limited. When camping, place tea in cooler or use the ICE BREW method.

- creates a sweeter taste, without the addition of sugar (hot water tends to produce a more bitter tasting brew than cold water)

Our love of fine tea, craftsmanship and passion are reflected in every expertly blended cup of tea.

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