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peach paradise black tea


peach paradise black tea


flavour profile: a delectable, fruity, peach flavour creates a satisfying cup of tea

ingredients: Ceylon black tea grown at 6000 feet, calendula flowers,
citrus peel, peach fruit essence

Please note that there is currently a shortage of citrus fruit, due to a citrus blight as well as weather affecting citrus crops. We have to had to reduce the quantities of citrus peel in this tea because there is not enough citrus available to make this tea using the original recipe. We love this tea just as much as you do, and have made the adjustments very carefully to ensure the best possible aspects of the delicious taste are maintained. While the appearance of the tea doesn’t show as much citrus peel, the flavour profile of the tea is very similar in taste to the original formula. As the citrus shortage is due to complex issues affecting citrus plants as a crop, it is unknown at this time in terms of when more citrus peel will be available again. The reduced quantities of citrus peel may end up being a permanent change to the tea, or it may be short term. We will regularly post updates here relating to this situation, if and when they become available.

We hope you’ll enjoy the current batch of this beloved tea as much as we do. If you are thinking of purchasing a larger quantity of this tea and are a fan of the original, we recommend tasting it first - you are always welcome to stop by our stores to taste a tea before purchase. For online orders, we recommend purchasing a mini-tin or 40 cup size first to ensure you like the current batch before ordering a larger size.

Our love of fine tea, craftsmanship and passion are reflected in every expertly blended cup of tea.

Loose teas are sold in refillable tins to preserve freshness and nutrients. Exposure to light, heat and air causes flavour loss as well as the nutrient value of tea to decline, so be sure to store your teas in the tins they came in. Bring the tin back into our shops for refills and enjoy a discount. Please note that we sell our loose teas by volume, not weight. For information about tea tin sizes, visit our TEA SIZING CHART.

Teabags are sold in re-sealable zip top satchels. Always reseal tightly after opening.
Fresh, Organic Tea = More Antioxidants. No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners, Dairy or Soy. Gluten-Free