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      Loose teas are sold in refillable tins to preserve the tea’s superb flavour, freshness and nutrients. Normally, we encourage you to bring your empty tins into our shops to refill.  However, this is currently on pause due to COVID-19.  We’re delighted to offer another eco-friendly, low-waste way to re-use your tins!

      Brown bag refills are available when you purchase tea in-store and online.  Simply select “refill” to receive your tea in a brown bag refill.  Immediately transfer the tea to the original tin it came in, once the brown bag refill is home or has arrived in the mail.  Brown bags are 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and made of post-consumer recycled paper.
      CAN I STORE TEA IN THE BROWN BAG REFILL?  No, it is a short term method for transport only and is not suitable for storing.  It will not maintain tea’s freshness, nutrients and flavour.  It does not protect against exposure to air, liquid or moisture.  Air exposure causes nutrient & flavour loss; liquid/moisture causes tea to mildew.  As soon as you get home from the shop, or when it arrives in the mail, transfer tea immediately into Silk Road tins - they are designed to preserve the tea.

      ABOUT TEA SIZES  Refer to the above chart - our loose teas are sold by volume, not weight.

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