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      Jacquie-Lynn, Esthetician + Reiki Master

      Over 20 years ago, Jacquie-Lynn began working at the Silk Road Spa... and she has been dazzling clients ever since! She’s legendary for having a magical effect, and a session with her is prized for being a gateway to an oasis of serenity.

      Jacquie-Lynn had a caregiving instinct that appeared early in life, and was drawn to helping others through the power of touch. Even at a young age, while other kids were playing at family gatherings, she could be found offering shoulder rubs. It turned out that Jacquie-Lynn was very empathic. She had a great sensitivity to the energy of others, feeling their distress and tension. Training in Reiki and Esthetics helped her refine those talents and transform them into a potent skillset that could be used to help others.

      Shortly after high school, Jacquie-Lynn qualified to become an esthetician and loved pampering clients with treatments that made them feel good. She has also always had a strong commitment to the environment, and in overall health. For these reasons, she is a big believer in natural skin and bodycare, recognizing that what you put on your skin and into your body every day can have a positive impact, or it may also hinder your well-being if it’s not made with natural ingredients. Our popular organic skin and body care products were also what attracted Jacquie-Lynn to joining Silk Road.

      Always dedicated to delivering an exquisite client experience, Jacquie-Lynn was interested in advancing her training beyond esthetics. She became intrigued by Reiki as something she could incorporate into services, to support her clients even more with their wellbeing. It was a match made in heaven, as she fell in love with the power of Reiki. She could instantly observe the added benefits it offered her clients, and could feel the positive impact of Reiki in her own life as well.  Jacquie-Lynn also found the philosophy behind Reiki to be very profound, and so she lives Reiki as a way of being – striving to share a spirit of compassion, kindness, connection and caring with everyone she encounters.


      Mur, Reiki Grand Master

      Mur first experienced Reiki when he was 15 years old & it changed the course of his life. As soon as the practitioner placed her hands on him, Mur was engulfed by soothing, wave-like sensations that were unlike anything he had encountered before.  They were accompanied by deep relaxation, a newfound sense of being whole & in harmony. All mental, physical & emotional strain & tension completely melted away. 

      It was heavenly & very needed, because at the time, Mur was in the midst of an extremely stressful situation. He was undergoing treatment for the re-occurrence of a brain tumour which had previously been treated with surgery & radiation when he was 12. 

      Craving more of this incredible feeling of well-being, shortly thereafter Mur signed up for a Reiki Level 1 workshop & began practicing Reiki daily. Within weeks, his medical tests showed an accelerated level of healing, & his experience of life in general improved substantially as well—he felt lighter, happier & calmer.  Inspired by the many benefits he experienced, Mur continued to deepen his knowledge of Reiki through ongoing classes.  His desire to share the magic of Reiki with others also grew, which helped propel him towards a career in the healing arts. 

      Since then, over the course of 20 years, Mur has greatly expanded his knowledge, attaining the level of Reiki Grand Master.  He also holds diplomas and certifications in Integrative, Complementary & Energy Medicine.
      Mur has worked at Silk Road since 2018.  He is passionate about sharing the transformative benefits of Reiki with clients, & in helping them to discover the deep relaxation, stillness & self-healing that Reiki is renowned for.  


      Katie, Esthetician

      Bio coming soon


      Dahliea, Esthetician

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