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      During the holidays, it’s easy to get run down & feel overwhelmed. These are my favourite remedies for thriving at this time of year. Put the kettle on & be amazed at how quickly you’ll look & feel better. Studies indicate that stress is contagious, but so is happiness! When you’re feeling good, you’ll have more fun & also have a positive effect on yourself & others.

      Our individual & collective well-being & that of our planet are linked, & the holiday season is a time when we can all make a positive difference. Every year over 500,000 tonnes of waste are generated from gift-wrapping in Canada, which is why we offer zero waste gifts. Our gift boxes & gift packaging are reusable, recyclable & intentionally minimal to reduce waste. As well, our products are made with sustainably grown organic ingredients & are free of additives such as artificial flavours, which have a high carbon foot print. Ask about our selection of TEA, SKINCAREAROMATHERAPY & BODYCARE gift collections – available in-store & online. They make it easy to give gifts that are good for people & the planet. - Daniela Cubelic | Tea Master + Founder, SILK ROAD



      Digestion is linked to energy, immune function, allergies, mood balance & healthy skin but rich meals & treats can overburden your system. Caffeine-free DETOX TEA is my go-to between meals at this time of year. For a sluggish digestion or after consuming oily/heavy foods, I add a pinch of IRON GODDESS or WUYI ROCK oolong teas, or PU-ERH TEA to DETOX TEA while it’s steeping.  All of these are traditional Chinese remedies & are also considered metabolism boosters.


      Sip 1-2 cups MULBERRY TEA after sweets or meals to block sugar & carb absorption & help balance blood sugar. It sounds too good to be true, but studies confirm the effects of this Asian remedy. A hot bath after a meal can lower blood sugar more rapidly than exercise, says recent research. Rich meals & sweets can also lead to aches, stiff muscles & fatigue. Try DETOX or WESTCOAST WILDERNESS BATHSALTS


      Alternate between festive & healthy treats. Make a tea latte using non-dairy milk with PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR, SNOW APPLE SPICE, CANDY CANE or CHOCOLATE HUG teas. Check out our blog for recipes. These are naturally stress-relieving, low in calories, taste delish without sugar & yet satisfy your sweet tooth!


      Anti-inflammatory, electrolyte rich QUENCH TEA is formulated as a healthy sports drink, but is also a speedy way to recover from hangovers. Sip 2-4 cups, hot or iced. Apply HEADACHE & HANGOVER ROLL-ON to temples for added relief.


      Visiting households with pets over the holidays? Targeted essential oils can purify the air, combat airborne allergens (including dust, pollen & pet) & aid sinus health. Bring along ALLERGY + HAY FEVER DEFENSE ROLL-ON & DIFFUSER BLEND. Green tea, Vit C & herbs can reduce symptoms & aid breathing. Find them in our ALLERGY + HAY FEVER DEFENSE TEA.


      Green tea, ginger & lemon are natural cold & flu fighters – find them in WINTER WARRIOR TEA. Drink 2-4 cups daily to ward off illness, reduce symptoms & aid faster recovery. For coughs, add honey, (a natural cough suppressant). To reduce transmission of germs when travelling, at home, the car & office, diffuse COLD & FLU NINJA (a potent blend of anti-viral essential oils). Keep the COLD & FLU NINJA ROLL-ON handy too. Be sure to get adequate sleep too.


      A warm bath with DETOX, HEAVEN or TONIC BATHSALTS can assist mobility & soothe discomfort. Apply HEAVEN or TONIC BATH, BODY & MASSAGE OIL to affected areas. Try teas with an alkaline, immune supporting effect – DETOX, QUENCH, ALLERGY & HAY FEVER DEFENSE or WINTER WARRIOR.


      Drink LULLABY & HAPPY TEA as needed to feel more zen. Use HAPPY & SWEET DREAMS DIFFUSER BLEND in the car, at work & home. Keep HAPPY OR SWEET DREAMS ROLL-ONS handy. Apply & breathe in deeply for instant serenity. Pick the one you like best – studies indicate scents we enjoy gain deeper access to our central nervous system.


      Green teas which are high in L-theanine promote a state of calm alertness - sip JADE SPRING, DRAGONWELL or JASMINE OASIS. Perfect for exams & anyone juggling the hectic holiday season. HEADACHE & HANGOVER ROLL-ON also clears the cobwebs.


      Mix sugar & salty treats, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, indoor heat & winter weather & you end up with breakouts, skin irritations & dry, lackluster skin. Healthy skin starts within, so drink 3-4 cups BEAU-TEA-FUL TEA daily instead of water. Get nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory & probiotic benefits. Use our GEMSTONE FACIAL ROLLER for reducing puffiness, detoxifying & overall radiant skin. After cleansing with NECTAR & WATERFALL, roll face/neck (find instructions at here). Then apply NOURISHING DEW.

      Brighten, reduce wrinkles, prevent & calm breakouts, purify & refine pores & re-balance skin with an easy 10 min weekly MIRACLE SPRING MASK treatment. For breakouts, add PURIFY SERUM. For a parched complexion try this amazing, easy deep oil treatment as needed. Apply thick coat of NOURISHING DEW to cleansed face. Add a few drops JADE SERUM. Let it sit for 20 min, while reading or watching TV. Remove with cotton pad soaked in PARADISE TONER. For dry skin on the body, use BLISS or HEAVEN BATH & BODY OIL. Apply to wet skin to seal moisture in. 


      Sleep boosts the immune system, improves brainpower & mood regulation, counteracts stress, reduces food cravings, helps the complexion & assists weight management. Sip LULLABY TEA 1 hr before bed. Also try a warm bath 1-2 hrs before bed with SWEET DREAMS or HEAVEN BATHSALTS to melt away stress & physical tension, which can interfere with the ability to fall asleep or maintain sleep. Apply NIGHT MAGIC SERUM – it’s a double duty overnight skin repair moisturizer that aids sleep. Use SWEET DREAMS DIFFUSER BLEND in bedroom for deeper sleep. Apply SWEET DREAMS ROLL-ON to temples - great for kids too!


      Holiday stress + winter’s grey days = mood swings, anxiety & flared tempers. Low energy & low moods can lead to sugar cravings & increased caffeine intake, but these “quick fixes” can create a vicious cycle of poor sleep, more cravings, weight gain, even lower energy, increasingly poor stress management & even worse moods, & more severe PMS.

      Specific essential oils & teas can counteract stress & are uplifting. HAPPY TEA, HAPPY ROLL-ON & HAPPY DIFFUSER BLEND contain these ingredients & has a fresh citrus scent. Give yourself a dose of happiness on the drive to work by adding it to a car diffuser. Use in a room diffuser at work & home (calms kids too). Keep HAPPY ROLL-ON in your pocket or purse. Apply daily, as well as when you get food cravings. Drink 2-4 cups of HAPPY TEA throughout the day – particularly in mid to late afternoon.

      Being in the forest is linked to powerful stress reduction, immune & mood boosting benefits, because of extracts released into the air by trees. Find these in our WESTCOAST WILDERNESS BATHSALTS, HAND & BODY WASH & DIFFUSER BLEND. For PMS, use BLISS BATH & BODY OIL as a daily moisturizer instead of lotion. It smells gorgeous. HAPPY ROLL-ON & BEAUTEAFUL or HAPPY TEA also combat mood swings.


      Start with with the problem bothering you the most. After 3 days, switch to the next item on your list.  Healthy habits include avoiding foods & beverages with hidden additives, preservatives & dyes. Look carefully at ingredient labels. SILK ROAD TEAS are expertly blended to optimize tea's healthful properties. What’s just as important as the ingredients we select, are the ones we never use – no artificial flavours, colours, hidden sweeteners, gluten, dairy or soy.


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